AdPulp In The Academy, Vol. 2

Recently, via Twitter, I learned that students in the business school at Western Michigan University were “studying” this ad blog and others. Then last night, Dan points me to this classroom blog, Advertising And Society (school unknown). The professor is curious about our activist slant, among other things: Here are a few questions we would […]

AdPulp In The Academy

Two marketing students at Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business tweeted today about subscribing to AdPulp and a few other marcom blogs as part of a class in Internet Marketing. Gavin Perko was even kind enough to call us “pioneers.” Here’s the class description: Note to students and their profs: you might find our […]

Gawker “Likes” Facebook Best

There’s been some recent noise in the press about how the Gawker Media’s site redesigns–now live on three of the company’s sites–is about getting “beyond the blog.” But what interests me more is how all the “share” buttons are gone, with just one left standing. “These sites festooned with social media buttons–they look like primitive […]

Look Who’s Bloggin’ For Playboy

Steve Hall of Adrants has a new gig. With Playboy. Which makes sense. What I don’t understand is why his Playboy bio says, “Adrants, a site that rips the ad industry a new one on a daily basis.”

Is News Naturally Shocking?

Memeburn Editor, Jeremy Daniel, asked Janet Heard, Nieman Fellow and Assistant Editor and Head of News at the Cape Times in South Africa, about the status of blogging at the moment in US journalism? JH: Everybody seems to have a blog in the US, not just freelancers. Journalists working for traditional media often have their […]

Hey Look, We Can Kick A Man While He’s Down And Get Away With It.

Friend of AdPulp, Steffan Postaer, was ousted from his high profile job at EuroRSCG/Chicago last week. Dan Goldgeier sent me a note about it and a link to the Agency Spy post. I read through some of the horrendous comments–the first of which is titled “Nice Altoids, Asshole”–and basically shrugged. Since when does a guy […]

Content Producers Need Lots of Processing Power

If you were Intel, how would you market your 2nd Generation Core i5 Processor? Please tell me you answered, “With content!” See more at And if you have yet to feast on The Sartorialist, get your eyeballs over there.

Sent From My iPhone: Year-End Micro Media Meditations

At this time of year I like to look back and also look forward. A year ago, I set some lofty goals for myself and the site. As I look them over now, I see that many of them were not met. Not by a long shot. I could feel bad about this or I […]