Onitsuka Tiger Is “Made of Japan”

For the fourth year in a row Amsterdam Worldwide has fused the eclectic and ancient traditions of Japanese art and contemporary culture to ignite fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger. This year’s centrepiece of the brand’s “Made of Japan” campaign is a totem to traditional Japanese Tansu furniture-making: a one and a half-metre long bespoke wooden cabinet […]

In The Hands Of A Good Writer, Adlandia Can Be A Fascinating Place

Ad Age is running an edited excerpt from Adland by former Y&R creative director, James P. Othmer. As you surely know, there are more books on advertising available than any rational human being has time for. But I must say, this one looks good. Here’s Othmer on why he chose to write a book on […]

Multi-Media Art Installation Or Job Tracker? Both.

It takes vision to see beauty in data typically reserved for a spreadsheet. The technologists in the employ of Crispin Porter & Bogusky have vision. Vision to create interest in what might otherwise be nothing more than mundane housekeeping for the agency. Director of Integrated Production, Dave Rolfe, explains why his team is projecting a […]

I Don’t Get It. Is It Just Me?

This ad keeps popping up next to my Yahoo Mail page. Someone wrote and approved this ad. And someone’s paying for it. WTF?

In Ad We Trust

So last week, Gallup’s annual “Honesty and Ethics of Professions” poll was released, and like clockwork, “advertising practitioners” were down near the bottom, although above Congresspeople and Senators. Should we care? While lots of people don’t care much for advertising, they generally know it when they see it, and that’s part of the bargain they […]

I Know You Write Copy, What Else You Got?

Steffan Postaer, a copywriter (and agency exec) with two novels to his credit, just published a poem I wrote five years ago in his Rogue’s Gallery. Postaer says, “The Rogue’s Gallery is not a commercial gallery. Nor is it a beauty contest. The Rogue’s Gallery is a place where creative advertising people can show their […]

Photographers Fight The Issue Of Pilfering

Everyone who works in a creative field is fighting the theft of ideas and work. The American Society of Media Photographers is tacking it with this spot and a new site, Don’tScrewUs.Org. I’m not even a professional photographer, but I was reluctant to put my nicer photographs on Flickr in the fear that someone might […]

You Never Give Me Your Money. Until Now, Of course.

I’m sure there’s a reason I shouldn’t like this spot, but I do. So sue me.