I Propose A New One Show Category

“Unintentionally Hilarious Local Commercial” Thanks to The Consumerist (one of my favorite blogs), we get “Great Moments In Commercial History.” I give you one of many gems, Don’s Guns: Who gives a crap about Singaporean two-page spread ads for Legos when this spot is just begging for a pencil?

Advice For Those Who Want To Break Into Advertising

Someone passed this along to me. On Craigslist, there’s some helpful advice for those looking to get into the ad biz: ive been a creative director for 6 years now. here, i offer my wisdom if you want a job in advertising. 1. be a dick. you dont necessarily have to have a large one, […]

Idaho Hoo-ha

Over at AdFreak the comments have been coming in hot and heavy over this ad for a Boise bagel shop that ran in a local alt-weekly: But scroll down through all the cream cheese and schmear jokes and you’ll find a comment from Brian at Idaho Ad Agencies: There’s no reportedly about it — it […]

The Ten Biggest Cocks In Advertising

Can I get the U.S. rights to do this over here?

Rosemary Goes to the Mall Dot Com

Rob Walker has a good gig. He writes about consumer culture for TNYT Magazine. This week’s installment looks at Rosemary Williams, an artist and an assistant professor of new media at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Williams finds shopping anxiety-laden, which makes her choice to pursue “The Wall of the Mall” an act of […]

Then We Came To The End: An All-Too-Real Novel

I have a backlog of books I’ve been wanting to read, so I’ll add this one to the list: Then We Came To The End: A Novel by Joshua Ferris, a former Chicago copywriter, is described as this: In this wildly funny debut from former ad man Ferris, a group of copywriters and designers at […]

Hugh Strikes Again

[UPDATE] AME Info looks at one such buzzword. “Engagement continues to be the hottest buzzword in advertising. Everyone wants a piece of it. Or better yet, to own it.”

Doing Wieden’s Work For Them

30gms, the design blog from London design practice Fibre, looks at the work of Insa, a London graffiti artist.