Starbucks Goes Hollywood

Associated Press: Starbucks Corp. is moving into the movie-promotion business, partnering with the film studio Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. to market the upcoming film “Akeelah and the Bee.” The agreement marks the first film deal for Starbucks, which has been percolating into the entertainment industry by distributing music at many of its more than 10,000 […]

Carmaker Does Soft Sell For BET

Adweek: The True Agency has created a 30-minute original program for luxury carmaker Infiniti that features five black artists talking about design without once mentioning the brand. Nor are there any commercial breaks. Instead, the conversation ends after 25 minutes and segues into images of Infiniti’s various models. The program, moderated by former New York […]

Shared Tales Of Corporate Oppression

Max Barry, who spent the best years of his life in the bowels of Hewlett-Packard and now writes thinly-veiled fictional accounts of it. His latest novel is Company. He works from home, but enforces a strict dress policy, requires that his desk be kept tidy at all times, and asks that he limit personal calls […]

Reality Shows Have Writers? I Don’t Get It.

MSNBC: More than 1,000 TV writers want their benefits to catch up with scribes of comedies and dramas, and about a dozen of their representatives interrupted a discussion with the entertainment presidents of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN and the WB at the Waldorf Astoria last month. They dumped leaflets on hotel’s banquet hall tables […]

Change The Music, Change The Meaning

Product Shop NYC: Spike Jonze produced one of the best Nike commercials ever, so it’s no surprise that the GAP wanted him to direct a commercial for them. His GAP commercial, titled “Pardon Our Dust”, which is promoting a massive remodeling of GAP stores, is scored with Edvard Grieg’s revolutionary masterpiece “Peer Gynt Suite”. While […]

Film Producer, Soft Drink Marketer, It’s All The Same Street

Newsweek: In “First Descent,” a new snowboarding documentary that opens in limited release this week, mountains are everywhere. You’ll have to look a little harder to spot the Mountain Dew. But not too hard. Mountain Dew, after all, didn’t just pay to have the soft drink in the movie. It financed the entire project, which […]

NCAA Uses Its Amateur Athletes To Sell Pontiacs

USA Today: Critics say a popular website — the Pontiac Game Changing Performance poll — puts the NCAA dangerously close to violating its own rules, as well as the rights of athletes for use of their image and name for commercial purposes. “This is a line they have never crossed before,” said Peter Rush, a […]

Brits Complain About Lack Of Content

Digital Spy: Ofcom has upheld 23 complaints over the frequency of ad breaks during Channel 4’s Lost. Viewers had complained that the breaks were too close together and lasted too long, and that the programme often began early and finished late. Channel 4 said that “in order to compete commercially with other terrestrial channels it […]