Brand Reputation And The Unfiltered Word

Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards has a blog on
According to the Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) every 10 days or so the outspoken baller calls his entries in to a National Basketball Association staffer who faithfully transcribes his thoughts.
But some of his commentary has been tough for his corporate overlords to stomach. Like the time he said “I’m sitting there looking at the shoe like I hope you guys aren’t serious. Because I’m not going to wear this shoe…Nobody is going to wear this shoe.”
He has since made more positive remarks about his namesake shoe from Adidas.
Adidas spokesman Travis Gonzolez said, “We all took a step back. We said, ‘It’s Gil being Gil and there’s not a lot we can say.’ We don’t want to affect what he writes.”
Arenas started blogging last year, one of a handful of NBA players asked by the league to post their musings on its Web site, part of a four-year-old effort to get fans closer to players.
Arenas also has endoresement deals with EA Sports, Spalding and Vitaminwater.

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