Atlanta Has A New Slogan, So Y’all Get Down Here Now

I’m kinda glad that I don’t currently work on a travel/tourism account. Because it seems like every city has Vegas envy: a desperate desire to use an all-encompassing, open-to-interpretation slogan. Which works perfectly in Vegas, but in every other city, it’s a ploy to a) satisfy a bunch of different political and business types, and b) come up with a lame compromise when no one can really define a city.
From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Brand Atlanta, the group formed two years ago to help the city define its image, is switching from the use of slogans to sell the city to the use of themes aimed at specific demographics, Executive Director Melinda Ennis-Roughton said Thursday.
For instance, when the campaign rolls out its newest ads aimed at professionals ages 25-44 this January, the organization will use “City Lights, Southern Nights” — one of 16 tested themes — to emphasize Atlanta’s reputation as a youthful and energetic city, with great restaurants, shopping and nightlife, said Ennis-Roughton.
“It’s New York with Southern manners and charm,” she said.
The change comes after Brand Atlanta dropped the “Every day is an opening day” slogan when Ennis-Roughton took over in July. She said slogans don’t drive visitors, understanding of what a makes a city stand out from the crowd does.
“I went to New York last weekend and it wasn’t because of ‘I love New York,’ ” she said, referring to the Big Apple’s famous slogan. “It’s because I have been educated about all New York has to offer.”

New York with Southern manners and charm? I grew up here. This is not New York, Southern manners are getting rarer and rarer and all the charm is being bulldozed and replaced by McMansions. Which, of course, have have lawns we can’t water.



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