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For A Soggy Biscuit Soaked In Syrup, Look Elsewhere

When you are Runza, a Nebraska-based restaurant chain with a cult following and no intention to compete in hundreds of markets across the country, nor to extend your hours into breakfast or late-night like the national chains, you may as well poke fun at the competition and talk about how you’re different. With the help […]

Like Frank Lloyd Wright, Steve Jobs Is A Visionary Builder

Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, but he remains as Chairman of the Board and active in new product development. Of course, Twitter earthquaked with the news yesterday afternoon. Naturally, there is a lot of concern for Jobs’ health and the company’s stock price, and business and technology minds around the world […]

Uncontrolled Cravings For Bojangles Leave Innocent People In The Lurch

Go with your gut* shouldn’t need an asterisk, but in this case it does. Director: Brian Lee Hughes (SKUNK) Agency: BooneOakley *only in situations where it will cause no harm

De Niro Asks Us To “Honor, Remember and Reunite” on 9/11

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, in conjunction with the Ad Council, is launching a public service advertising campaign asking citizens to “honor, remember and reunite” for the 10th anniversary of the attack by donating to or visiting the Memorial. The Memorial will be dedicated on Sept. 11, 2011 and it opens to the […]

Been There, Blogged That

First Vaynerchuk, now Romensko. Poynter Institute’s human news aggregator, Jim Romenesko, has announced his semi-retirement from the grind of daily content production. “For media beat reporters, it’s tough to imagine Romenesko not curating the day’s media news,” says Huffington Post writer, Michael Calderone. “I went back and forth to renewing (my contract), not renewing,” the […]

Free Fluevogs For One

Canadian shoemaker, John Fluevog, is looking to the crowd for help making advertisements. “This is where you can change the future of advertising for the better, one Fluevog Ad at a time,” it says on the company’s site. So right there, this consumer generated contest falls apart. As always, hyperbole fails to elevate the brand. […]

Let Me Guess, The Unemployed Are Lazy? What A Crock Of Shit is a hotbed of citizen activism against corporate tyranny. The site is host to petitions that ask Hershey’s to stop exploiting student guestworkers; tell New Balance to stop supporting anti-gay politicians; and another meant to get McDonald’s to stop buying pork from producers who use gestation crates. There’s also a campaign to get […]

$10 Per Thousand Page Views Isn’t The Point, The Transaction Is, Because Any Monetary Exchange Changes The Score

One of my primary professional goals since my late 20s has been to get paid for my writing. Of course, we know how that worked out. I found advertising and we’ve made discordant and sometimes beautiful music together ever since. Another goal that I’ve been focused on more recently is my desire to pay writers. […]