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Progresso, Your Soup May Be Too Good

Product glorification by Saatchi & Saatchi New York. Ads directed by Jim Jenkins from O Positive. [via Media Post’s Out to Launch]

Industry-Specific Blog-Like Media Creations Are Talk of the Town

Simon Dumenco, a.k.a. the “Media Guy” at Ad Age, recently had a conversation with veteran journalist and entertainment-industry reporter Sharon Waxman about her success with The Wrap. I love her insight on what it takes to be successful online (from an editorial point of view). I’m learning and evolving as a writer and as an […]

Whatever The Lie, It Will Be Told As Long As We Have The 1st Amendment And Rich Guys Willing To Pay For A Soap Box

When does advocacy work cross the line and become propoganda? I don’t know, but I know it when I see it. Excuse me? Legions of rational minds disagree. With the help of The Washington Post, Eric Berger, a science writer at the Houston Chronicle draws a straight line from the sham known as CO2isGreen to […]

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide (Unless You Leave All Your Devices At Home)

Ad Age is reporting that Mother/New York is working with NBC Local Media to create hyperlocal content solutions in 10 key U.S. markets. …the partnership with NBC will see the agency playing at the intersection of advertising, marketing and programming, potentially creating new kinds of content in the burgeoning local arena. Mother Productions will have […]

Life During Media Arts Time

“Transmit the message, to the receiver hope for an answer some day” -David Byrne Media Arts & Disruption, a TBWA\ blog, kindly offers up Lee Clow’s philosophy on the state of the ad game today. Or “media arts” game, as the case may be. It’s a short but stimulating read. For instance, here’s one key […]

When You Bring The Heat, You’ll Be Asked To Stoke The Fire

Again, the writing on Mad Men is penetrating and on point. In this week’s episode, the powers that be put the squeeze on Don after he brings a big fish (Conrad Hilton) into their deepening pond. The partners want Don to sign a three-year contract to ensure he doesn’t just get up one morning and […]

Sports Heroes Are The Embodiment of Story

According to Creative Social, 180/Amsterdam and 180’s offspring agencies Riot & Detail are making graphic novels the content centerpiece of the new Adidas Football campaign. Fans can pick up a graphic novel in store and an i-Phone app is on the way. To bring these stories to life 180 enlisted the help of three of […]

Money Evaporates from Big Media’s Moat

New York Times media columnist, David Carr, read an advance copy of The Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong With the World’s Leading Media Companies. He says the book maintains that in the aggregate since 2000, large media companies have written down $200 billion in value. After more than 100 digital business deals since 2000, […]