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Stream On You Crazy Diamond

With everyone talking nonstop about a possible Congressional bailout of Wall Street, another Congressional bailout story is going unnoticed. Internet radio startups like Pandora have been sweating bullets for over a year now, in regards to their own financial and legal challenges. But in this case, The House acted unanimously to pass legislation that favors […]

Behind The Scenes at College Humor

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Likeability Is An Asset In A Popularity Contest

Marketing consultant, Alan Wolk, believes there is wisdom in keeping things simple when attempting to market a complicated product in difficult times. So does the Republican Party, which is what makes them a tough foe for the overly analytical Dems. Here’s Wolk’s take on the appeal of Sarah Palin: I think that part of the […]

David & Goliath, The Remake

Pitching massive corporations on a new idea can be a treacherous road. They can ignore the pitch, steal the idea or worse. It’s the stuff of legend and at time, material for a Hollywood movie. According to Ad Age, this week Universal Studios releases “Flash of Genius,” a film that paints Ford Motor Co. as […]

Today in Twitterverse: Yet Another Facebook Story

Rex Hammock is Founder/CEO of the content marketing and media firm, Hammock Inc.

Siegel for CEO

Rich Siegel, freelance copywriter and author of Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures With a Nigerian Con Artist, wants to run Morgan Stanley. Instead of sending his appeal directly to Mama Morgan, he’s making creative use of an Adweek column instead. A cursory glance of my CV will reveal that I have little or no experience […]

Episodic Video Is The New Sandbox

Directors and their production companies are starting to offer episodic video to show brands just how rich a space exists between the 30-second spot and a feature film. Undercover Cheerleaders by HungryManTV is a good example of this kind of content offering. Undercover Cheerleaders – Selling Sh*tby hungrymanTV Hungry Man is one of the most […]

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Breaking news from the nation’s capitol: A bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers defeated a $700 billion rescue plan for Wall Street on Monday, rejecting pleas from the Bush administration and congressional leaders from both parties. The 205-228 vote against the plan sent stocks plummeting, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down around 500 points […]