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“Change” The Way Presidents Are Marketed

Peter Feld at Ad Age thinks that the Obama campaign’s appeal to Millennials is playbook perfect. Wrote Newsweek’s Andrew Romano, “Obama is the first presidential candidate to be marketed like a high-end consumer brand.” His rising-sun logo echoes the one-world iconography of Pepsi, AT&T and Apple. Design guru Michael Bierut told Romano that the stand-alone […]

Michael Dell Is Excited About Enfatico

Listen to the CEO of Dell as he heaps praise on WPP, expresses pride at being at the forefront of integrated marketing, and can barely contain his excitement for his new agency. Cheers to George Parker for this one…

Office Max is Penny Wise

“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!” -P.T, Barnum Office Max, via Chicago agency, The Escape Pod, is having fun with pennies again. This time, they placed the world’s largest penny tray, loaded with $2 million pennies, inside Mall of America. They then opened the tray to the good people of Minnesota, who quickly gobbled up […]

Opt Out Is Good But Opt In Is Better

Yahooligans will soon be able to opt out of “customized advertising” on Yahoo! announced the new opt-out capability as part of its response to a Congressional inquiry about customization sent to 33 companies from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times notes that Yahoo already allows users to […]

Gaining Online Cred Is the Real Contest

Brands want to play in the social media sandbox. That much has been established. But what games are they playing? That topic needs a bit more exploration. Spike Jones of Brains of Fire suggests the “go to” game is a social media contest. He says it’s good in that contests promote interaction, participation and involvement. […]

Yes, Arabs Are Mad Because Of Better Fuel Economy

In Israel, the Nissan Tiida apparently gets really good gas mileage. Once you know that, you need not speak Arabic or Hebrew to figure out this spot: Here’s the really big shocker: The Saudis aren’t happy and are threatening a boycott of Nissan.

Beer Revenue A Must

College is beer—a fact that annoys some congressmen, college presidents, college coaches and athletic directors. While they can’t stop students from drinking, they did ask the NCAA to further limit or ban alcohol ads from TV telecasts of NCAA events. This week in Indianapolis, NCAA’s Division 1 executive committee said, “no.” Brewers and ad groups […]

Wer’e Not In Sao Paulo Anymore

According to The Wall Street Journal, officials in Dubai are negotiating with international and local companies over naming rights for two dozen mass transit stations. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is offering naming rights for 23 of the planned 47 metro stops, as well as for the two metro lines themselves. A rider on the […]