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“The Conversation” Has Been Integral To Advertising For Decades

The ever-generous Tom Asacker sent me a serious looking hard bound book, The Ad Men and Women: A Biographical Dictionary of Advertising, edited by Edd Applegate. I finally cracked the tome and read the chapter on Howard Luck Gossage, written by academic Kim B. Rotzoll. Here is a passage I particularly like (from page 160): […]

Utterly Depressing Or A Necessary Reality Check?

Regarding Hugh MacLeod’s latest doodle, Rob at Six Sentences only takes three words to say, “Delicious. Awful. Accurate.” What say you?


IHAVEANIDEA went all out to promote its Portfolio Night 6. They convinced DDB/Toronto to make this video, which required Bob Scarpelli to remain incredibly still throughout the production–a trying matter for any Worldwide Chief Creative Officer.

Denton’s Law: Perform Or Perish

Nick Denton, Publisher of Gawker Media is worth a lot of money. He didn’t get that way from making dumb moves. Even so, he raised a few eyebrows with his recent announcement that he would part with Wonkette, GridSkipper and Idolatar. Here’s his reasoning: Everybody says that the internet is special; that advertising is still […]

TBWA Ain’t Scared

Stuart Elliott is in Dana Point for the 4As Conference. He heard some top people at TBWA distance themselves from all the wallowing about change. “Stop whining,” Lee Clow told the estimated 380 attendees. The new realities “shouldn’t be scary,” he said, because they offer “a huge opportunity for us” to become far more useful […]

The Ad Industry May Not Face A Recession After All

Here’s a little contrarian piece on (the web site of Conde Nast’s Portfolio magazine): Sure, the U.S. could be in a recession. Consumer confidence is declining. Food and gas are so expensive it’s more cost-effective to stay home and diet. But the advertising business (of all things!) is actually benefiting from the painful spectacle […]

Rockafellas Take A Stand

I have not purchased gas from Exxon since the Valdez oil spill. Yes, I’m a grudge holder. According to the The Wall Street Journal, forces inside the oil giant are working to move the tanker in the right direction (not than anything Exxon does will ever win me back). A majority of 300 adult members […]

MySpace—A Place for Profits

Facebook this, Facebook that. Blah, blah, blah…It’s a story one can’t escape from. And it’s one that often overlooks a glaring fact—Facebook is nowhere near as popular, nor as profitable as MySpace. According to Fortune, “Rupe” bought MySpace in 2005 when it had $23 million in revenues; he recently told analysts that in the fiscal […]