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The Real Marlboro Man Could Use Some Support

Luis Sinco/LA Times The above image, taken on November 9, 2004 has since appeared in more than 150 publications worldwide. It’s also earned the subject, Blake Miller, the moniker “Marlboro Man.” According to Rolling Stone: Overnight, the photo made Miller an unwitting icon, a symbol of the indomitable spirit of U.S. troops, the heroism and […]

Brains Build Community

I’m happy to see my friends at Brains On Fire get some positive press for their Fiskars work. Josh Bernoff, VP-principal analyst at Forrester Research and co-author of Groundswell, writing in Ad Age outlines the idea. Although Fiskars products are central to the scrapbooking experience, in 2006 the company found its own image was lackluster. […]

It’s Hard To Drive Purchase When People Aren’t Driving

When I filled up my Pathfinder yesterday, I realized that $3.54/gallon means a $70 tank–double what it cost me a short time ago. Naturally, this type of inflation has dire consequences for the economy. For the first time since 1980, consumers are driving less. Last year, the amount of miles driven declined 0.4%. The previous […]

Transparency Or Jail

According to Ad Age, Word-of-mouth marketing in the U.K. will face radical restrictions starting May 26, when it will become a criminal offense for brands to seed positive messages online without making the origin of the message clear. The rules make it an offense to blog, use brand ambassadors or seed viral ads while “falsely […]

Brands Need To Think Before They Tweet

John Dodds speaking about Twitter Spam, alternatively known as Twam or Spitter, says companies need to be receptive to direct messaging on Twitter, but not use the service to blast their pitches shotgun style. When we market our company’s products/services, we have to remember that part of the job is to to be the individual’s […]

It’s A Good Time To Be In Stories

Steve Rubel says what some have been saying for awhile now–there’s a growing need for storytellers. He actually says, “digital storytellers,” but I don’t see the need to make that distinction. The story will be told digitally. We know that. Harvard Business Review last month noted that most executives cannot articulate the objective, scope, and […]

Agency Heads Learn To Shape Shift

Eric Karjaluoto of Ideas on Ideas interviewed Kevin “Lovemarks” Roberts, a.k.a. Saatchi Kevin, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi. I like his answer to the following question, even though I don’t believe Roberts is a soothsayer. Eric: With the rapid changes occurring in today‚Äôs media space, do you believe there will be room for traditional agencies in […]

Agencies In Strange Places: 14th In A Series

Ad Age looks into the glaring Fort Lauderdale sun and sees Zimmerman Advertising, a bright spot in South Florida’s agency lineup. Zimmerman Advertising launched in 1984 in a 400-square-foot space in a strip mall with used office furniture. Its expertise was pretty much limited to car-dealer ads. Mr. Zimmerman slowly grew his business, taking on […]