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For Many Corporations, Transparency Is Still A Joke

Charles Handy, an Irish author specialising in organisational behaviour and management, used the stage NPR’s Marketplace provided him to call for reform. The tall towers that house our corporations are the new palaces of our day, the places where real power resides, but those towers are full of paradoxes. Made of glass, you can’t see […]

Sticks and Stones…

Agency Spy ran with a piece about John Rausch, formerly a Group CD at Euro RSCG/Chicago, running amok and causing a “mini-coup” in the agency’s creative department. Which isn’t that big of a deal, I suppose. What I like about this post is the fact that the shop’s Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Steffan Postaer–who […]

Prepare To Succeed

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on poor promo planning from Verizon. To promote its FiOS offering–an $18 billion gambit that delivers higher-speed Internet, television and phone service via a fiber-optic line connected directly into the home–Verizon blanketed the airwaves in select markets with an offer of a free Sharp Corp. high-definition television set. Unfortunately, […]

The Marketing of Hope vs. The Marketing of Fear: A Modern Day Political Drama

Mike Smock has some strong opinions about the Obama campaign. Since the Ohio and Texas returns are coming in, this seems a good time to explore Smock’s thinking. It’s interesting to see many in the marketing, advertising and creative communities lining up to support Barack Obama’s version of “hope”. Interesting because these are many of […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Poke This!

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A Plea for Decency

Bloviation from The Bobosphere: What passes online for opinion, analysis, criticism and commentary too often lacks logic, coherent argument, evidence, intellectual rigor or even simple honesty. It wallows instead in snide cheapshots and ad hominem bile, scurrilousness and schadenfreude, free-floating hostility and bullying disguised as wit. We’d like to imagine the internet as a tool […]

Please Hold, Our CEO Is Updating Her Spacebook Page

Tim Brunelle is calling for executive-level participants in this Participation Age thingamajiggy. It’s not enough to trot out the resident one or two social media experts inside the agency, and have a pleasant forced laugh around how “the kids” in your agency are “participating.” I truly believe the CEO, President, Chairman, CFO, CCO, ECD, Head […]

Hey, Let’s Manufacture Products, Someone Else Can Offer Services

Brian Morrissey of Adweek reminds us that ad peeps are often restless souls with gigantic ambitions. A half-dozen executives from the London operations of DDB, Naked Communications, Isobar, Tribal DDB and Diageo have joined forced to launch AnalogFolk, a shop that is dedicated to what it is calling “communications products” that meld digital technology with […]