Hey, Let’s Manufacture Products, Someone Else Can Offer Services

Brian Morrissey of Adweek reminds us that ad peeps are often restless souls with gigantic ambitions.

A half-dozen executives from the London operations of DDB, Naked Communications, Isobar, Tribal DDB and Diageo have joined forced to launch AnalogFolk, a shop that is dedicated to what it is calling “communications products” that meld digital technology with real-world interaction. Unlike regular bits of ad messaging, a communications product is sought out by consumers, even bought, the shop believes.
“We need to be thinking of communications as a product rather than something that has finite value that decreases over time,” said Matt Dyke, a founding partner and head of planning at DDB London. “You do a Super Bowl ad, then it loses value and eventually peters out.”

Actually, thanks to YouTube, Super Bowl spots don’t “peter out.” But I get his point, just the same.



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