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Set Your DVRs

In anticipation of the web show quarterlife’s network debut on NBC (premiere episode on Tuesday, Feb. 26 10/9c) and MTV (premiere on the afternoon of the 26th), New Tee Vee spoke to series creator Marshall Herskovitz and star Bitsie Tulloch. Herskovitz says, “I’m on the site literally 15 times a day and I’m reading every […]

Digitas/Chicago Puts Itself Out There

[via Armano]

Office Humor Eventually Leads To Hot Beverage Consumption

According to Adweek, Ogilvy & Mather’s branded entertainment group is supporting Kraft’s Tassimo hot beverage system with…wait for it…webisodes and a consumer-generated contest. “Creating original, entertaining content gives Tassimo both cultural currency and permission for further conversations with consumers,” said Joseph Frydl, director of Ogilvy’s branded content and entertainment group. “Purely interruptive marketing simply cannot […]

One Bodega At A Time

Want to win coveted New York City shelf space for an all natural, organic, non-carbonated energy drink out of Canada? According to The New York Times, a gift for schmoozing, a comfortable pair of shoes and armorlike skin are the price of entry. With the help of a sales team in possession of these attributes, […]

We’d Rather Invent the Next Vitamin Water…

I’m glad The Escape Pod sent me the March issue of Fast Company. It’s nice to leaf through and see innovative companies celebrated for their contributions. It was also a terrific media buy for The Escape Pod. Google and Apple top the list, but the magazine names New York anti-agency, Anomaly, the 24th most innovative […]

Gawker Has No Use for PR

Former PRWeek writer, Hamilton Nolan, now at Gawker, isn’t big on PR. Here he is speaking directly to Richard Edelman, the man Ad Age named its 2007 PR Exec of the year: Like I said, you’re a nice guy. But much of your work— Wal-Mart being the best example— is just objectionable on philosophical grounds, […]

Poached Crispin

GSD&M Idea City has recruited and entrusted their top creative post to industry powerhouse Mark Taylor. Taylor comes to GSD&M Idea City from Crispin Porter + Bogusky where his work as creative director won wide critical acclaim. His accomplishments include the re-creation of the King and the interactive-sensation Subservient Chicken for Burger King, the launch […]

Soc Net Fatigue Sinks Click Rates

The Web self tends to be a marketed version of the real thing, more an example of how thoroughly we’ve all internalized the branding process than an outbreak of revelation. –Rob Walker in Fast Company Spike Jones at Brains on Fire picks up on Walker’s FC piece on online identity and has this to add: […]