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Scary Good

We have a saying where I work, “It’s our job to surprise and delight.” It’s something I’ve come to believe in. Much more so than the tired old, “I wonder if this will get me into CA” bullshit I used to run on. While this has nothing to do with solving marketing problems for clients, […]

Baby On The Offensive

JWT France has people excited about Wilkinson shaving products. The reason is Fight for Kisses, a strangely Freudian video with a microsite and gaming element. [via Gavin Heaton and Craphammer]

The Bloatosphere Is Ripe for Acquisition

Standard & Poors’ investing newsletter The Outlook says blogs are “dazzling the eyes of major media publishers as the next takeover targets.” Blogs–especially the big-name brands such as TechCrunch, Gawker, GigaOm, Boing Boing, and the Huffington Post–appear to have attractive business models. This is good news for traditional media companies that are being marginalized online […]

No Time To Read Ad Age? No Problem.

Facebook Starts To Twitter

According to Ad Age, Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz said his company is offering new mobile software for use on the BlackBerry Curve smartphone. Facebook mobile users can push photos, posts or other comments to friends also using the devices. T-Mobile USA is the first wireless carrier to offer the new Facebook for BlackBerry application, which […]

Google Screws With Our Heads

Google pissed a bunch of content producers off this week by adjusting their Page Rank algorithm. Apparently, the G men don’t appreciate sidebar links, a.k.a. blogrolls. You’ll note the blogroll here is quite extensive. Accordingly, AdPulp’s Page Rank was lowered. Technosailor has a good response to the negative adjustments. For bloggers who are not sure […]

Want To Put Agencies Out of Business? Make Better Products.

ClickZ had a party on Wednesday night to celebrate 10 years of innovation and excellence in online marketing and advertising. They invited author and academic Douglas Rushkoff to speak. Rushkoff exhorted marketers to convince their clients to come up with compelling products. “Teach them how to get back into the business they are in,” he […]

Is This An Ad?

[via Hill | Holliday]