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Fostering Employee Loyalty 101

San Jose Mercury News looks at one company’s progressive work culture and how it produces results for them. When it comes to vacation, Netflix has a simple policy: take as much as you’d like. Just make sure your work is done. Employees at the online movie retailer often leave for three, four, even five weeks […]

Look, A New Fiefdom!

Fuse Sports & Entertainment Group is Omnicom’s latest foray into sports and entertainment marketing, according to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.). “Sports and entertainment are two areas that people are passionate about,” Ceo Steve Grubbs says. “Our clients are looking to attach themselves to passion points.” Fuse will oversee four Omnicom-owned companies, including […]

Onion News Network Ups The Fakery

USA Today looks at The Onion’s foray into web video. Having already blossomed as a newspaper, website and book publisher, The Onion — perhaps the most dominant provider of fake news anywhere — is bringing its brand of humor to the hot medium of the moment: Online video. The dispatches on the Onion News Network, […]

Getting Horses To Drink

Client: Can you bring us some of that Web 2.0 stuff we’ve been reading about? Agency: You bet your ass. We looked at this issue last night. Now we have Fast Company senior editor, David Lidsky, breaking it down in his March column. The number-one question lurking in every executive’s heart, whether he’s a corporate […]

So Fucking Lame

Kathy Sierra is receiving death threats and is scared out of her mind. I just read her post about it. It’s sickening. [UPDATE] Kevin Lawver gets to the heart of the matter with this insightful comment at Micropersuasion: “The dehumanization of relative anonymity empowers people who would otherwise keep their fetishes and rage to themselves.”

Phone Finders

Yahoo is making headlines this morning, as the portal seeks to reach beyond the desktop and “own” a sizeable piece of mobile search. According to Info World: The company is offering to help publishers retool their content so it can be accessed through Yahoo oneSearch, Yahoo’s mobile search service for consumers. It is also launching […]

Web 2.0, Like All Good Things, Will Be Incorporated By Enterprising Marketers

Former adman turned blogvertiser, Hugh MacLeod, is hearing things. So a lot of clients have been recently asking their ad agencies, “So what can you do for us in Web 2.0?” And the agencies have been replying, “Lots! Lots and lots and lots and lots!” Bullshit. Ad agencies have so far been hopeless in this […]

Reynolds Wraps Up Your Valuables

Out-of-home by Saatchi & Saatchi, NY [via Adrants via Advertising for Peanuts]