Americans Love Letters. So Will They Start Writing More?

Just last week in my Talent Zoo column, I wrote about the struggles of the US Postal Service and the fact that I’d recently come across some old handwritten letters, the kind I haven’t gotten in years.

Now it appears Albuquerque agency McKee Wallwork Cleveland wants to bring back the handwritten letter, with a project entitled Americans Love Letters.

As the website’s intro says:

Imagine a soldier fighting overseas, without a folded piece of hope to carry in his pocket. Or a child in the hospital without those paper hugs from relatives far away. Handwritten words of intimacy conquer any distance or length of time. Let’s not lose something so important.

Help save the US Postal Service by pledging to write one letter a month, and help keep a part of our heritage alive.

For those who’ve lost the ability to write a good letter, there are links to tips, a pledge to sign, and ideas about whom to write to. I’m not sure this’ll save the post office, but it’s interesting to see folks take on the challenge.



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