You’re Only As Great As Your Last Big Invention

“If you just hire people with ads on the resume they’ll probably make you more ads.” -Robbie Whiting

It’s not enough to just make ads today, ad people need to let their inner inventor out to play. That’s the message unleashed by Robbie Whiting, director of creative tech and production at Duncan/Channon, last Friday in Austin.

According to Greg Swan of Weber Shandwick, Whiting said marketing now needs to move from making people want things to making things people want.

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“There’s a zeitgeist in maker culture where people are taking projects into their own hands,” Whiting said. The challenge for brands and agencies, he says, is fostering a maker culture in an environment that is low-risk and focused on ROI and billability.

I know damn well you have an opinion about this making things movement that’s sweeping Adlandia. So do I. Let’s discuss it in the comments here, on Faceter, Skype or in person.



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