Yes, Big Billboards Are Overlooked (As A Medium, That Is)

Writing on Forbes Marketshare, Steve Olenski looks at the merits of billboards, and finds an Arbitron 2009 survey that suggests they do have an impact on purchasing behavior.

Well, to the question of whether we pay attention to billboards, the study showed that 71% of us “often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined) and more than one-third (37%) report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.”

So many billboards are hard-to-read, or don’t keep the message simple. But in the right placement, any quick message can grab your attention.

Of course, it helps when the creative is something striking. Here, to fuel the imagination, are 90+ Crazy Outdoor Billboard Advertisements, which include both big highway billboards and other types of outdoor messaging. The one above, I believe was on a street-level transit board or something like that in New York City.

Are your clients doing outdoor? Do you have a special liking, or loathing, for the medium?



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