Would Advertising Go Postal if the Post Office Disappeared?

Direct Mail isn’t sexy. Most people hate it, they call it “junk mail,” often for good reason. And it’s always been a less-than-desirable assignment for creatives. But a lot of money is still spent on direct, and the US Postal Service is dependent on it to survive. So what would direct mail look like in a world where the Post Office reduces its service?

Right now, lots of clients still rely on direct mail as part of their media mix to make their case. It’s tactile and tangible. Plus, a nicely designed piece still makes an impact when in lands in your mailbox or on your desk. I’ve had many clients who ask for direct mail ideas, particularly when combined with online response component. And these are big clients who watch every penny they spend.

The USPS is a huge whipping boy, and it’ll always be…The offices themselves seem shabby, deliveries seem problematic, and their image is much more egalitarian than sexy. Any money they spent on rebranding, upgrading facilities, or integrating digital response tactics into their direct mail services would be seen as folly, not an improvement. The Postal Service isn’t cool, and that’s the kiss of death for many old brands.

It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo, which will be on the home page tomorrow.



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