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Mark Goldenson started an internet TV network for games called PlayCafe 18 months ago. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned.
Thankfully for others walking the entreprenurial path, Goldenson isn’t afraid to air his laundry in public. In fact, he’s offering a “post-mortem” on Venture Beat.
Two of his 10 points really ring a bell with me:

  • Content businesses suck (or: do it for love and expect to lose money).
  • Marketing requires constant expertise.

Frankly, ever since Bob Hoffman said over coffee, “No one’s figured out how to make money with online content, including The New York Times,” I’ve been kind of spooked. I understand that there are plenty of people making money with online content, but I also know it’s only happening for people at the very top of their game–TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, paidContent, AdRants, etc. Half ass or even three quarters ass won’t do it. What’s true in life is also true when monetizing online content.
whatido copy.jpg
The second point above, about marketing being mission critical to any business’ chances, is the part that comforts. For, as much as I love producing online content, I also enjoy working as a copywriter/creative director and there’s no mystery to solve in the compensation department. Sure, there are clients and work to secure, but I know how to do that, and I know exactly what it pays.
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