WK/Santiago Has A Nice Ring To It

WK/London took note of their boss’ appearance in Creativity’s latest list project–The 2009 Creativity 50. In the feature on him, Dan Wieden says he’s looking to expand in a southerly direction.
image courtesy of Flickr user, saramusico
Here’s a segment from Creativity’s report:

Co-founder Wieden says he also plans to expand into South America in the near future, yet no matter how big the agency grows, he has no intentions of changing its intimate and fluid creative environment. “It’s a homegrown network,” he says. “We hire in-country and we move folks around quite a bit from office to office, so all our fights are family fights. It really enriches our culture and creates the ability to communicate a lot easier because we’re coming from the same bias.”
Wieden, on his outlook for 2009: “We are full-steam ahead on digital and we’re thinking of some ancillary surprises. If you can’t redefine what an advertising agency is in the next couple of years, I think you’ve got some big problems. It’s turned upside down, but for us, it’s the most exciting of times.”

Other notables on Creativity’s list: Radiohead; Sergey Brin and Larry Page; David Droga; Stephen Colbert; Shepard Fairey, Jon Favreau; Jason Fried; David Lubars; etc.
Only a handful of the people featured are in “advertising,” but then again, even people who’ve worked in advertising for years are swearing it off. Many now work in media labs and other reconstructed agency concepts.



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