Wireless Companies Use Too Much Fine Print. In Other News, Scientists Declare Earth Is “Round.”

Has Catherine Zeta-Jones been lying to me this whole time?
From Ad Age:

New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs is suing three wireless phone marketers for violating the city’s consumer protection law.
Acting Commissioner Jonathan Mintz, in a suit filed in New York Supreme Court, charged Nextel Communications, Sprint Spectrum and T-Mobile USA, with deceptive advertising and is seeking maximum fines as well as compliance with the city’s consumer protection laws.
In a statement, Mr. Mintz said, “You can’t promise a great deal in the headline [of an ad] and hide the true costs in the fine print.”

You can’t? Someone needs to alert the phone companies. And the cable companies. And the banks. And the car dealers. And the brokerage firms. And the insurance companies.
There will be a mass layoff of proofreaders and legalese experts if this honesty thing ever catches on.



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