Will Microblog For Food

New media consulant Marshall Kirkpatrick loves Twitter.

People laugh at Twitter, and they can go ahead and laugh for all I care, but I’m here to tell you that it can be invaluable. Aside from the personal connectedness and relationship maintenance it’s good for, let’s be honest – it’s paying my rent.
How is it paying my rent though? Earlier this week I was remarking (on Twitter) about how many of my recent story leads came from Twitter. I counted and at that time 5 of my last 11 stories were based on news I learned first from my friends on Twitter. It was amazing.

Kirkpatrick goes to say many of his blog posts (which originated as germs of a story on Twitter), found their way to the front page of Digg. Digg brings traffic back to one’s site and that traffic is then monetized via ad revenue. Hence. the claim “Twitter is paying my rent.”

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