Wieden Refugee Stays In Portland, Finds New Home

Copywriter, Nick Carter, used to work at Wieden + Kennedy. Then the day came for him to “unpack his Adidas” and move across town to ID Branding.
Carter explains some of his motivations:

Since I read this book, read for the first time writing that spins beauty from air as if magic was easy, makes you forget it’s writing at all, really, and not something that’s happening in front of you, right now, for real, I’ve wanted to try and write like that too.
I tried to do it WK, but never felt like I was doing it particularly well. In my opinion. I just don’t have the mental cajones to handle the Chaos and general hair-on-fireness. I admire the people who do. So I’m going to go try and write somewhere else for a while, somewhere more peaceful, and see if that works better.

Ah, inspiration. Carter wants to bring a David Foster Wallace-inspired sensibility to an industry that rarely runs long copy. I mean seriously, who has time to read today?
Anyway, it’s contrarians like Carter who sometimes help remake the model. So he’s one to keep an eye on.



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