When Brands Matter, People Care. Otherwise Not So Much.

According to Havas Media, the people you’re trying to reach today don’t like you and don’t want to hear from you. In fact, the agency’s new study (that took into account the views of 50,000 consumers across 14 international markets) found that most people would not care if 70% of brands ceased to exist.

Hernan Sanchez Neira, CEO Havas Media Intelligence, says, “It’s clear from our analysis that we need to take a new look at the relationship between brands and consumers. Nowadays we want so much more from brands than just promises or stories. Brands that manage to create better relationships dominate the marketplace.”

More than just promises and stories? Yes. it’s time to do something for your customers. Time to provide real value, not just in your service or product offering, but in your marketing, as well.

Let’s hear a bit more on the topic from Havas’ Umair Haque:

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