Do Consumers Really Want To Converse With Your Brand?

The radical notion that marketers must cede control and enable consumers to create brand meaning for themselves is no longer radical, at least in theory. We talk about it all the time. And to a greater or lesser extent, many of us are making it happen.
But have you ever wondered what to do with a brand that no one wants to talk to, co-create, or have a conversation with? It seems like the same ideas get tossed out at every brainstorm I attend: let’s invite consumers to blog, chat, communicate, converse, co-create, develop new products, etc. These are great ideas for some brands in some contexts, but every now and again it occurs to me that perhaps the majority of the brands we use every day simply can’t reasonably ask consumers to spend all that much time with them.
Do you really want to co-create your favorite brand of shoelaces, toothpaste or bottled water?



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