What Do You Do When You Don’t Get Paid For Freelance Work?

Okay, here’s an open question for all of you.
I did some freelance work for an ad agency late last year. Two separate jobs for $900 apiece. I was paid for one, but not the other. I have the agency’s PO issued for the unpaid job, dated January of this year. I have been steadily (once every two weeks or so) inquiring and emailing to the accounting department (and occasionally to an account person who deals with this client) of this agency and it’s always “we’re looking into it.” But I’ve been blown off completely for the last month or so. I’ve been told that the agency has a policy of not paying freelancers until they themselves have been paid by the client, but I have no idea whether they’ve been paid or not.
What’s my next move?
I have never had this much of a problem getting paid for freelance work. And oh, it’s not exactly my style, but I’m SO tempted to name these guys right here on AdPulp as a warning for all potential people who deal with them, but they will go unnamed.
Is this type of thing more common in the ad biz than I thought it was?



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