Wal-Mart Acknowledges Critics. Responds With Traditional P.R. Onslaught.

Wal-Mart is many things to many people. For many, Wal-Mart is simply an affordable place to shop. And what could be wrong with that? For others, Wal-Mart represents all that is wrong with our out-sourced economy. Still others argue that Wal-Mart deteriorates the very infrastructure of a town center, and they vigorously fight the mega-retailer on land-use, zoning and economic fronts.
USA TODAY says: The world’s biggest retailer’s image has been battered in recent years by critics of its labor practices, its effect on competitors, its imported goods and more. Among the results have been lawsuits and resistance in some cities to Wal-Mart expansion.
For the first time in its 43 years, a Wal-Mart CEO is publicly responding to detractors.
Lee Scott, Wal-Mart CEO
A national blitz kicks off today with an open-letter ad in more than 100 newspapers, from CEO H. Lee Scott, who has led the company since 2000. He will continue his message on TV and radio talk shows.
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