Visa Goes Swimming With Lee Clow

Barbara Lippert of Adweek likes the new Visa spot from TBWA.

“When was the last time you went to the aquarium … on a Tuesday … with your daughter?”
It’s clear we’re dealing with a new economic reality — no more jetting off on the spur of the moment to exotic places where they don’t take American Express. Now, we dream of time out with our families, and the freedom to take time off from (or forget about being out of) work.
The power of “Aquarium” is in its pitch-perfect tone. It acknowledges what’s important, like family and simple pleasures and relatively inexpensive diversions, in a way that’s, well, diverting.

Rudy Socha, CEO of Zoo and Aquarium Visitor, also likes the spot but he questions the media buy. He notes that the spot is running during American Idol and The Apprentice, but that he hasn’t seen it air on Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, or Sundance.

With the amount of money spent to buy premium spots on the two most expensive shows this season, I believe Visa missed a great opportunity to take advantage of a great ad. In addition to appearing before a very receptive TV audience, Visa could have sponsored events at aquariums across the country, bought ad space on our site, and still had money left over.



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