V DUB And Creativity Mix

Ad Age is taking note of a mover and shaker in Mexico City’s agency scene. Arrechedera Claverol spun off DDB Mexico and is now working on the VW account that DDB has held for 40 years.

So the guys may have had an “in” with the VW client, but what else do they have going for them?

Arrechedera Claverol’s model, a slightly different structure than other agencies’, seems to be working wonders for it. The agency is divided into four areas: creative, innovation, knowledge and synchronization. Instead of having a rigid structure, the innovation department changes its staff periodically, in order to make sure its ideas are always fresh and renewed. The contribution of the knowledge area is also crucial: Instead of basing its creative work just on research done by consultants, it has a permanent team working directly on the street, observing consumers and their everyday agendas.

I wonder of the agency’s street teams came up with the breaking and entering scene in the VW spot above.



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