Typepad Drops Content (I’m Sure They’ll Put It Back Before Long)

I just noticed that Random Culture and Micropersuasion are both missing current content, back to Dec. 10th. So I searched Google for “Typepad problems.” This is what came back from Netcraft:

Problems persist at the popular blog hosting service TypePad, with numerous users reporting that they are unable to access their blog management system. In addition, a number of TypePad users report that posts from the past three days have disappeared from their blogs. While TypePad-hosted sites are visible, service operator Six Apart says the TypePad blogging application is currently unavailable and describes the status of TypePad sites as “degraded.” At one point blogs had to be restored from backup, which is why the most recent posts are missing from many blogs.
TypePad, a hosted version of Six Apart’s Movable Type blogging software, has been a major beneficiary of the blogging boom. But that growth has brought challenges, and TypePad has experienced significant performance problems in recent months as its has outgrown its existing space and begun a transition to a new data center. Six Apart has issued a series of apologies for the poor performance, which has drawn complaints from business bloggers using TypePad.



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