Twitter Stream, Blog River

I was inspired by Chris Brogan to Tweet the above thoughts last night.
Here’s the heart of what Brogan is saying:

It’s important to think about where you want information to live, and how you want it to impact the world. For everything you toss into a stream rolls past, and if I’m not at the stream when you throw your leaf onto the waters, I’ll miss the leaf entirely, or perhaps catch only the ripples.

In reaction to his post, I left this comment on his site:

Making a Tweet is very much like tossing a leaf or twig into a stream. I look at Twitter maybe ten times in a day and I see what I see at that moment in time, unless I decide to click on someone’s page, which I rarely do. However, when I do click over to a person’s page, I tend to extract more value from Twitter. I guess you might say clicking on someone’s page is akin to stepping out onto a steady rock in the middle of the stream.



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