Toyotas Are Great! Toyotas Can Save The World!

Yes, I’ve had an ephiphany. As soon as I wrapped my hands around the buttery leather-like steering wheel of my shiny new Corolla, chicks were drawn to me.
Like these two dedicated Toyota employees who helped me with my new purchase:
toyota babes.jpg
I felt 10 years younger and I… oh wait a minute. Toyota’s not paying me for this. Screw Toyotas.
But according to this BusinessWeek article, Toyota has approached magazine publishers about inserting itself into actual editorial stories:

It’s a time, says Deborah Wahl Meyer, vice-president for marketing at Lexus, in which “ideas can cross between advertising and editorial. It doesn’t always need to have the ‘advertorial’ note on top.”
Toyota’s notions aren’t universally welcomed. “We’ll sell our mothers, but this doesn’t work,” says a mystified magazine executive who attended one presentation and, fearing a major advertiser’s wrath, insisted on anonymity. “I can’t sell you an article. I don’t even know how to price it.”

Attention, all you folks at Toyota: Give me a free convertible, and I’ll blog about the greatness of Toyotas every day. I can be bought!



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