Toyota Works Its Way Into The Fabric of America (and there’s nothing wrong with it)

Jeremy Greenfield of Adfreak looked at the work above from Toyota and fell into the nationalism trap.

This fall, Toyota took to the road with Saatchi & Saatchi and visited select high-school football teams across the country for Line of Scrimmage, an ultra-folksy take on what’s goin’ on in small-town America, the last safe haven for freedom-loving car buyers. What will happen to GM if there are no football moms left buying Yukons to take their kids to practice in? And to Ford if the Tundra becomes the football-coach truck of choice over the F150? Not even the U.S. government can save the Big Three if Toyota wins the battle in the small-town trenches.

I know it’s all tongue in cheek humor, but seriously, when are we going to accept that there’s one planet and we all live on it?



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