Today (and yesterday) in Twitterverse: InVerge 2008

Since I suck at live blogging, allow me to offer a selection of Tweets from attendees at InVerge 2008 at the Armory in NW Portland, yesterday and today.

Amy Goodman: “when was the last time an art director really cared to make a sale” #inverge
Dan Harbison: Lots of graphs and talking print ad layouts… Hmmm interactive folk glassing over. #inverge
Joshua Green: coming down from #inverge presentation. Went well. Very tired. Thanks to the crowd
PDX Tweet: Now, it’s about building networks.. content is still king, but now context is also king. Two kings, one internet. #di #inverge
Bram Pitoyo: Large media corporations used to be able to set their own ad rates, now they’re finding themselves as just *one* of the participants.
Carri Bugbee: #inverge It’s happeneing; culture is like a glacier. Takes forever to move, but once it gets going, it’s unstoppable. Myth: media moves fast
Gaia Borgias Brown: Cooperation meets competition = “coopetition” #inverge
yogacowgirls: #inverge engage your customers BEFORE your product launch, great idea! wanna buy a yoga video? not edited yet!
(me): the pool of #inverge tweets is here >>



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