There’s A Lot Of BS In This BS Job Description

On, they’ve listed “50 Bullshit Jobs” as written by Stanley Bing. Going in alphabetical order, the first one is “Advertising Executive”:

Advertising executive:
Create perceived need/value for inherently generic or worthless products
$$: Ground-level workers with writing ability move quickly to the top, immediately snagging low to mid-six figures; those who can spin mythological concepts surrounding quotidian household objects can command up to seven figures.
The upside: Great expense account living, see your handiwork everywhere, the wonderful feeling of being creative and corporate at the same time.
The downside: Must take meetings with the AFLAC duck.
The dark side: You’re considered a dinosaur at forty.

Immediately snagging low-to mid six figures?
Expense account living?
This dude has been watching too many bad movies about advertising. Although the 40-dinosaur thing might be right.



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