The World According To Twitter: Twisdom of Crowds

I imagine that somewhere, in some library or most likely in some pop culture junkie’s basement, lies a stack of books that were very ‘of the moment’: Such tomes as The Official Preppy Handbook, Life’s Lessons From Melrose Place, The Rules, and Joe The Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.
Now, add to that David Pogue’s The World According To Twitter.
The book’s premise is very simple: Pogue throws question after question out to his followers in the Twitterverse and compiles the best answers in the book. So in 140 characters, we hear “What’s the most memorable pickup line you’ve ever heard?” “What’s your brilliant idea to improve the modern automobile?” and “Finish a familiar saying in a new way.” And on and on. You get the wit and wisdom of people. Or is that twit and twisdom?
Pogue is a technology writer for the New York Times and the author of many great “Missing Manual” books for Mac and Windows programs, a few of whom I own and couldn’t do without. This book’s a bit more frivolous.
But hey, it’s fun. It captures the sheer randomness, and occasional brilliance, of the folks who populate Twitter. Plus, since each section is only 2 pages long, it makes the perfect successor to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.
Special thanks to FSB Associates who provided me a copy for review.



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