The Push To Truly Embrace Interactivity

Saatchi & Saatchi UK chairman and CEO, Lee Daley, appeared on a CNN program the other day. Here’s a clip:

CNN: How will advertising be different in a decade?
Daley: I think the advertising industry as a whole will change very dramatically because of the change in the media universe. The advertising industry has grown up, essentially on the back on analogue technologies, and it’s grown up around multi-domesticity.
We’re going to be in a global media environment where basically we’ve got common platforms, we’re going to have convergence of media platforms, content migration from pier to pier and across markets and I think that’s going to change fundamentally the way global and local advertisers invest in content and communication.
That will mean a shift in the fundamental dynamics of the agency relationship, I think it is going to present great challenges to the economics of our industry, but potentially it will liberate our creative potential and agencies may well end up having assets under management creatively that they own and create and distribute themselves as well as having serviced based relationships. So, I think there are great challenges, but also massive opportunities for our industry to reinvent itself off the back of these technologies.
I think the potential is there for the advertising agencies and their clients to prosper exponentially if we embrace these technologies and liberate our thinking from the cataract of the analogue media world, which was a push world, and truly embrace interactivity. To truly embrace the capability of these technologies to build fundamentally different communication and marketing models and understand that these are truly global technologies that will integrate audiences around the world with common behavioral characteristics and aspirations — that is astonishingly exciting in terms of the future of our industry.



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