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It’s All Advertising picked up on Crispin Porter’s podcast, an audio effort from Katie Kempner, VP of Agency Communications at the Miami shop.

An archive of shows is available from
In one episode, Kempner discusses yogic flying with Interactive CD, Jeff Benjamin. Benjamin apparently used his knowledge of yogic flying to woo Alex Bogusky’s assistant.
The podcast carries advertising.
[UPDATE] It appears Steve Hall received the same email tip I did. AGAIN! What’s interesting though, is what happened when an anonymous commentator on Hall’s post claimed Hall was kissing Crispin’s ass. Hall was also called out for calling Kempner a “cutie”.
Here’s Hall’s retort:

For fuck’s sake, Crispin’s in the news everywhere else and no one complains. Why the complaint here? I like the podcast so I’m gonna say so. Don’t like it? Leave. But I see you can’t. You are a continual commenter with often nothing of value to add and you don’t even have the balls/breasts to live outside your world of anonymity.
Also, if you’ve read this site long enough, and apparently you have, you know I dish out equally “galling” commentary about men. However, in this case, I don’t see this as galling. I see this as complimentary. She is cute so I said so. Our world is ruled by political correctness and it sucks. Just call me Neil French 🙂

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