The French Evolution

Neil’s been tarred and feathered aplenty, so in my new column in Talent Zoo I’ve decided to focus on a larger issue: why there’s so much hero-worshipping in the ad industry.

Frankly, Neil French isn’t the problem. The problem lies with the starstruck suckers who treat his every utterance like it was the word of Moses or the Dalai Lama. And then insist his comments are above reproach simply because, well, he’s Neil French and we’re not.
The cult of personality that surrounds certain people in advertising is silly at the very least, and in the case of Neil French, dangerous. It was bad for business at WPP where he worked, and it’s bad for the ad business as a whole.

Enjoy. And hey, I’ll tender my resignation to AdPulp if this causes a worldwide shitstorm.



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