The Courage To Act

The Wall Street Journal wants to sell its Weekend Edition. Their creative leaders campaign is intended to do just that.
Here’s their pitch:

Even in an industry full of radical thinking there are standouts—individuals whose ideas consistently break new ground, no matter how quickly circumstances shift. These pioneeers realize that even as the work week ends, the next big thing is about to begin. Weekend Edition is proud to share their insights and ideas with you. Weekend Edition. Where business meets leisure, creativity happens.

Naturally, Alex Bogusky is the go-to poster boy for this effort. Nothing says “weekend” like squeezing some work in between trips to the motocross track.

Bogusky does provide some meat for the ad he’s featured in. Here’s what he says about today’s corporate climate.

Q. What’s the biggest creativity-killer?
A. Fear. The prevailing corporate climate is one of fear. There’s a difference between fear and being afraid. It makes sense to be afraid because it can guide you to do the right thing. Maybe if you’re lucky it pushes you into action because you’re afraid to be mediocre. Fear, on the other hand, creates paralysis. And to be successful you have to have the courage to act.

Ah, the courage to act…no wonder there are so few Bogusky’s in the ad world.



About David Burn

I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today—after working for seven agencies in five states—I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.