The Little Black Cookie Now Filled With Wonder

Oreo ran a 90-second animated spot during the airing of Mad Men on Sunday night.

The new anti-vampire/pro-cookie spot was created by the Martin Agency. It features music from the band Owl City.

According to The New York Times, Jorge Calleja, the group creative director at the Martin Agency who serves as the global creative director on the Oreo account, said he believed that the concept of wonder is “something the brand could own.”

“Other brands like to wake up the athlete in you,” Mr. Calleja said. “We want to wake up the inner child in you.”

But of course. Wake up the inner child, the inner child won’t bother about things like fat or calories. The inner child wants to dream, and eat cookies while doing so. It’s a smart strategy. But what I really enjoy here is the animation. A commercial needs to be something you want to look at, and this one is.



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