The Gecko Lands Book Deal, Readers Eagerly Await His Prose

Digital is spacious. So spacious, we may even think of digital space as infinite.

As a result of this digital vastness we now face a massive content hole, because millions of web pages are nothing without content. Yet, the content hole is actually much bigger than what we see online. And content marketing is much bigger than affixing pixels.

new_book_The Gecko

Content is books, magazines, movies, live events and so on. For the latest example of this MarCom truth, let’s take a look at Martin Agency’s offering You’re Only Human, a new book written by The Gecko.

The book’s publisher, Workman, describes the GEICO-owned author as “a modern-day de Tocqueville.” That description wounds me a bit, but I will manage.

Here is more from the publisher’s pitch:

You know him and love him as one of the most famous characters on television, that humble, hardworking spokeslizard with the fetching accent. Turns out there’s so much more to him. He’s a philosopher, an aphorist, a humorist, an artist, a warm companion, a natural storyteller—and, in a grand tradition, a keenly observant and wise outsider who in the course of living and traveling among us has discovered quite a lot about the things that make us human.

It’s fair to ask what kind of world we live in where people will willingly purchase and read a book written by a fabricated brand character. But it is, in fact, the world we live in. Ergo, I hope the copywriter or team of writers at Martin did The Gecko justice here. If you happen to read it and find it entertaining, please report back.

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