Super Spots On Replay

Salt Lake Tribune: Football fans have always enjoyed watching replays, especially during the Super Bowl. Now they will be able to watch replays of the Super Bowl’s commercials, among other special treats.
New technologies are changing how marketers are approaching the game – typically the biggest day of the year for Madison Avenue. The roughly 40 glossy big-budget spots to run during the game on ABC today – at a record average cost of $2.5 million for each 30 seconds – will also be available on Web sites such as,, and; as video-on-demand programs on digital cable; for downloading to PCs and video iPods; and on Sprint cell phones.
In the past, fans of the commercials could see only pirated versions, posted haphazardly and clandestinely. Now advertisers, seeking to capitalize on that interest, want to make the spots widely and easily accessible.



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