Stuff This In A Stocking

PSFK points to an innovative new organizer from Mr. Smith Inc., “a provider of consumer products that serve an existing function better or do something wholly new.”
Here’s the whimsical product description from the manufacturer:

Compact, splash-proof, and colorful, Jimi™ is the wallet re-born. Jimi™ is a real pocket wallet – as in one that fits in your pocket. Is it a travel wallet? A take-out-at-night wallet? Cycling wallet? Snowboard wallet? Eco wallet? Sure. All of the above, but it’s also been called the anti-wallet, so go figure. What we know is that with Jimi™ you carry less crap, are more successful at work and have more fulfilling relationships. Actually we have no evidence for the second two; it’s just a feeling.

I’m ordering mine now. It’s only $14.95. And no, this is not a paid advert.



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