Starbucks Creates More Buzz

According to the New York Times, Starbucks in partnership with Jim Beam Brands is introducing Starbucks Coffee Liquer today. The liqueur will be sold in bars, liquor stores and restaurants in 750-milliliter bottles for $22.99. It will not be available at Starbucks coffee outlets.
The liqueur is not the first stand-alone product the company has introduced. Starbucks joined with PepsiCo to bottle and distribute its Frappuccino drinks, and sells coffee ice cream through an agreement with Dreyer’s Grand. The Pepsi and Dreyer’s partnerships will represent a projected $86 million in income for the company this year, and liqueur sales will be a fraction of that, said Glenn Guard, a restaurant analyst with Legg Mason.
Thomas J. Flocco, the chief executive of Jim Beam, said his company had concocted a dozen cocktail starter recipes using the liqueur, including a “Seattle manhattan.” Thirty more cocktails have been devised by bartenders.



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