Spotlight On NW Creative:

I have to admit I’m no fan of the Greek system on college campuses, but I’m going to overlook that fact in order to showcase, built by Portland’s Intrigo, experts in interface design and application development.
Eric Nelson, who works at Intrigo, describes the new soc net and its potential for success:

They’re entering a market in which they’ve seen a couple other competitors launch within their niche hoping to capitalize upon the success of social networks, trying for that get rich quick bandwagon type mentality. Meanwhile, the guys at UGreekRow have taken a completely different approach, focusing on how their product can improve the lives of Greek members. Instead of taking your run of the mill social networking features and pasting them onto a niche site, they’ve spent countless hours researching and meeting with Greek organizations and members. Their goal was to understand the biggest challenges and needs of the Greek system.

In other words, is a custom built tool set, unlike Ning. If you were running a startup wouldn’t you want the best tool set money could buy?



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