Sketchers Dogged By Activists As Super Bowl Approaches

The Super Bowl is coming. The Super Bowl is coming.

No Paul Revere’s ghost hasn’t started blogging herein, but The Super Bowl is coming.

According to USA Today, Sketchers’ Super Bowl ad will feature a French Bulldog and Mark Cuban, not Kim Kardashian (as it did last year).

In response to Sketchers’ new ad, a greyhound protection group has collected almost 50,000 signatures from folks who want the brand to dump its new Super Bowl spot — before it airs — because it was shot at a race track in Arizona that the group claims mistreats greyhounds.

The group, Grey2K USA, is organizing boycotts at some of Skechers’ 300 U.S. stores, including a rally on Saturday outside a Skechers store in Tucson. “We are hopeful that the company will hear our concerns, realize its mistake and withdraw this misguided promotion of dog racing,” says Grey2K President Christine Dorchak.



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